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Thicknesser Planer TP104J

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To fix the thickness of wood so that it remains the same.


Max working width 410mm
Max working thickness 200mm
Min working thickness 5mm
Max working length 220mm
Min cutting depth 5mm
Cutterhead speed 5000r/min
Feed speed 6.5、9m/min
Main motor 3kW
Packing size 890x750x1160mm
Machine weight 400/430kg

Note : The products updating constantly, please forgive us do not issuing a seperate notice if there is any designing change.


Thicknesser is used to create boards that is parallel and an even thickness throughout their length making it flat on the upper surface. A thicknesser consists of three elements, a cutter head which contains the cutting knives, a set of in feed and out feed rollers which draw the board through the machine and a table which is adjustable to control the depth of thickness of the board.

  • Piano key type pressure mechianism with safety guard for maximum safety. Pressure pieces can be individually adjusted.
  • Ruggedly constructed machine frame gives superior operation stability.
  • Large, heavy table and base for solid support of stock. Table surface is precision ground.
  • Rugged, 3-knife cutterhead is precision ground and dynamically balanced for smooth cutting.
  • Anti-kickback fingers provided at lnfeed side prevent stock kickback.
  • Front and rear table rollers provide added smoothness of stock feeding.
  • The front drive feed rollers are composed of individual gears for cutting several workpieces at a time(Optional).


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