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Sliding table saw MJ6132YIIH

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The main function of the precision panel saw is to use its structural characteristics, that is, to use two fixed saw blades-the scoring saw blade and the main saw blade, to manually push the mobile work made of the aluminum profile carrying the processed board parts The table moves back and forth to realize the sawing of the processed plate.The main structural feature of the precision panel saw is the use of two saw blades, namely the main saw blade and the scoring saw blade. When cutting, the scoring saw cuts ahead of time, and first cuts a groove with a depth of 1 to 2 mm and a width of 0.1 to 0.2 mm thicker than the main saw blade on the bottom surface of the processed board to ensure that The edge of the cutting edge will not tear when the main saw blade is cut, so as to obtain good cutting quality. The scoring saw blade has a small diameter, usually around 120mm, and is driven by a separate motor. It is required that the scoring saw blade and the main saw blade are aligned in the same vertical plane. The diameter of the main saw blade is generally 300-400mm, which is driven by the main motor through the V-belt.


Overall Dimensions 3200x3150x900mm
Sliding Table Size 3200x375mm
Length of Cut 3100mm
Width of Cut Between Saw Blade and Rip Fence 1250mm
Height of Cut 80mm(45°Max 55mm)
Saw Blade Diameter 305mm
Scoring Blade Diameter 120mm
Main Saw Blade Speed 4000/6000rpm
Scoring Saw Blade Speed 8000rpm
Saw Spindle Diameter 30mm
Scoring Spindle Diameter 20mm
Main Motor 5.5kw
Scroring Saw Motor 0.75kw
Main Saw Blade Titling Angle 45°~90°
Weight 850kgs
Packing Size 2050*1110*1130mm




Details introduction


Our sliding table saw MJ6132YIIH is with manual rise/fall and tilt adjustment (0-45 °) of sawblade



Euro-type sliding table,more stable

double roller carriage system to guarantee absolute precision and smooth running 





Body from integrated bending of 5mm steel, strength and stable. 




 More stable  7cm cast iron work table,  processed from 110kg raw material.






 spray instead  of painting, environmental -friendly, more smooth.


The saw blade is tilted by 45 ° ~ 90 ° through the integral tilting base. The tilting base is placed on the machine body, which is convenient for later maintenance.The saw shaft are all precision-machined by CNC lathes and CNC grinders. The error is almost zero.
image.png Table extensions enable convenient working conditions;Perfect for cutting heavy large boards and plates


Limit switch, emergency stop when the door is opened, safer. (Optional)

Easy to install


machining equipment




High precision machining equipment can ensure the high quality and fast&stable delivery time. 


Using our own laser machine to cutting machine body,so the machine is more beautiful and with high precision.




Use shot blasting equipment to treat the surface after spraying to make the paint surface stay longer.


Customer oriented strategy, quality centered philosophy, 24-hour online just for your service. 


Warranty and after-sale service


Warranty is one year after BL date. We can provide free remote technicial support, if special need, we can also arrange engineers to provide on-site services (maybe you need to bear some costs).


Product certificate

CE.png Our factory has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system management certification. And most products have obtained EU CE certification and Russian GOST certification. 


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