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All for the customer, create customer value “service concept, focusing on customer needs, with first-class speed, first-class skills, first-class attitude to achieve” surpass customer expectations, exceed industry standards “service goals.

Today there is one more reason to choose Jaya products. Our team is able to provide highly specialised services with the levels of quality and reliability borne out of over 60 years of experience in the sector. .

  • Spare parts
  • Document department
  • ODM/OEM Service
  • After-sales service

Spare parts

92 Spare Parts Specialists throughout the world, a central warehouse in Italy with over 36,000 Sku and stock of critical spare parts, that is able to respond to every emergency and to your needs during the life-cycle of the machine. 6 secondary warehouses are able to respond to requirements of North America and Europe in 24 hours and the rest of the world in 48 hours. Our e-shop lets you purchase and process the shipping in real time, thanks to a library of documents and a system of multimedia catalogues that guide you in selecting the right component.

Document department

For the document department, most of them have more than 3 years' experience in dealing with the document.

ODM/OEM Service

Our professional technical team can design the machine and can also provide ODM/ OEM service.

After-sales service

We have our after-sales service team. We can help customers install our machines and can also help train your sales team or teach the users how to use our machine

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