Zicar March Tea Party

Time : Apr. 27, 2021
                                                                                    Often at the end of the month we have a tea party with one them or subject.
                                                                                   This time our them is “Prejudice”. 
                                                                                   For in daily life we had encountered so much unreasonable and  prejudices which is annoying or hilarious 
                                                                                   and this time we want to free these thoughts and also give us a chance to revise these stereotypes.
                                                                                   Our host first started from the book “Pride and Prejudice”. 
                                                                                   This is really a beginner for Chinese to enter into western literature.

                                                                                   Then we colleagues shares prejudices about their hometown for both positive and negative. 
                                                                                   For example, people always say people from Shandong is more traditional in mind and taller in shape (actually we are ); 
                                                                                   people from Guangdong would like to taste everything; 
                                                                                   people from Zhangqiu district eat green onions everyday... 
                                                                                   Some of these originated from local customs and some of them is just a meme from internet but had grown into a well-known stereotype.
                                                                                   Later after further discussion, we found that people often would like to accept positive prejudices rather than negatives ones. 
                                                                                   Like, people from France would always like to admit that they are romantic but refuse to say they are more easily to have an affair, 
                                                                                   meanwhile, women are always willing to accept that they are more sympathetic than to say they are more emotional.

                                                                                   Then here comes the question: how should we do to crash through the prejudice? 
                                                                                   Maybe we should break the prejudice with prejudice? 
                                                                                   So when you see a woman struggling to rising dumb bell for becoming stronger, 
                                                                                   you may ask her”hi young lady, i’ve been watching you exercising for a long time, is there a violent husband living in your home?” 
                                                                                   rather than say “hi young lady, are you exercising for fighting with your husband?”

                                                                                  Just a joke. 
                                                                                  The best way to fight against prejudice is to broaden our horizons and open our mind to accept different opinions. 
                                                                                  Try to learn and accept a different culture, if possible, travel in the place to know their customs. 
                                                                                  And we believe the prejudice could be less with the increase of our experience of life.