Industry 4.0 intelligent production

Time : May. 28, 2020

1. The sliding table
Providing stability and accuracy ! A miled ,strongly ribbed aluminium profile with multiple chambers in combination with the high quality guiding system ensures play-free

2. Crosscut fence 2300mm
The scale on the crosscut fence is bevelled towards the operator ,this is assist you when setting the crosscut stop position and improve accuracy by preventing readout errors .The crosscut stop position indicator is perfectly integrated into the body of the crosscut stop

3. Outrigger table
With integrated work piece roller and large telescopic crosscut fence ,it enables you to expertly carry out panel cuts ,trimmings and crosscuts of large dimensions .

4. Depth of cut
The surface of planer has a 4mm depth of cut .

5. Saw blade tilt 90º-45º
Saw blade angle adjustment from 90º-45º