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Combined Planer Thicknesser MP410B

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The workpiece surface is made more flat and smooth by it. It has been designed to plane for surfacing and thicknessing heartwood, fiberboard, chipboard panels, plywood and lamin board both coated and not coated. 


Model MP410B
Max planing width 410mm
Max planing depth 4mm
Max width of thickness 408mm
Table size of surface planing 1809x510mm
Table size of thicknesser 600x308mm
Ranges of thicknessing 5-230mm
Feeding speed 7m/min
Dia of arbor 72mm
Blade size 410x30x3mm
Number of knives 3pcs
Rotation speed of the spindle 5200rpm
Size of rip fence 1200x160mm
Fence tilting 90°-45°
Sunction dust hood Φ120mm
Shaft stop time ≤10sec
Motor 3kW
Weight 343x423kg
Dimension 2010x727x1087mm
Packing size 1910x820x1120mm
Units/20′ GP 14pcs
Min working length 140mm
Dia of feeding roller Φ30mm



1.Long ,heavily ribbed cast iron planer tables offer  precision and stability. Planing -thicknessing machine,professional  ,massive and compact ,for a high-flexible production; ideal for the demanding craftman and carpentry.

2.Machine is equipped with the horizontal mortiser.

3,Best support in all machines, thanks to the around 1809 mm long surfing tables.

4.It is a light model ,with weight 377kgs.

5.With quite competitive price


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